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Visiontec Enterprises Ltd is an end to end Kitchen, Laundry and Cold-room solution provider, offering innovative products and services through concept development, designing, sourcing, fabrication and installation to after-sales service.
Off Enterprise Road, Industrial area, near ISUZU East Africa +254 732 428 222

Company Culture

At Visiontec we believe in a healthy company culture as the cornerstone of our thriving organization. This characterized by open communication, trust, and a shared sense of purpose among employees. In this environment, employees are encouraged to voice their ideas and concerns, fostering innovation and problem-solving. Respect and inclusivity are paramount, ensuring that every team member feels valued and appreciated for their unique contributions.

A strong emphasis on work-life balance promotes employee well-being and reduces burnout, resulting in higher morale and productivity. Ultimately, we believe that a healthy company culture nurtures a sense of belonging and camaraderie, which not only helps us attracts top talent but also retains and motivates existing employees to reach their full potential, driving the company toward continued success.


Qualified and trained professionals which is largest in the industry competing in our space
Graduates and Skilled crew of Welders, Refrigeration, Gas, Electrician Mechanical Technicians and Experts
Leader in after sales service professionals available 24/7/365


We’d love to cooperate to build amazing Solutions!

We are innovative, tech-focused dreamers with a desire to be pioneers in this space.
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