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Visiontec Enterprises Ltd is an end to end Kitchen, Laundry and Cold-room solution provider, offering innovative products and services through concept development, designing, sourcing, fabrication and installation to after-sales service.
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Elevate Your Coffee Shop Experience

At Visiontec, we understand that serving a perfect cup of coffee is a fundamental requirement for any food and beverage business. Whether you run a standalone coffee shop or incorporate coffee into your restaurant, mall, hotel, or corporate office, we have the complete solutions to meet your specific needs.







Coffee Machines and More

Our selection of coffee machines comes in various sizes and types, ensuring we have the perfect fit for your application. From espresso machines to coffee processors, we provide the tools to brew an exceptional cup of coffee. To carry and serve your coffee and hot beverages, we offer a wide range of equipment, including airports, coffee and tea decanters, and coffee urns in various sizes and designs.

Who we serve:

Coffee Shops

Whether you run a standalone coffee shop or one within a larger establishment, we offer complete solutions. With a variety of coffee grinders, processors, and urns, you can find the equipment that suits your taste and business size.


For hotels that include coffee and tea in their menu, we provide a wide variety of processing and storage equipment to cater to your guests' needs.

Corporate Offices

Fresh coffee can reinvigorate the mind and boost productivity. Our coffee grinders and instant coffee makers are perfect for quick and convenient coffee breaks in the office.


Expanding your beverage menu to include coffee and tea can attract a wider customer base and increase profits. We have the right coffee processing equipment to enhance your restaurant's offerings.

Mobile Coffee Shops

For those looking to serve coffee in remote locations or outdoor events, we offer mobile coffee solutions. These include coffee trailers, carts, and trucks fully equipped with coffee processors, hot beverage storage equipment, wash-up prep areas, and servery areas.

University/College Cafeterias

We provide a wide variety of equipment with different features and capacities to serve the high number of students and staff within institutional cafeterias.

Coffee Solution Features Include;

  • Our coffee solutions encompass everything you need, whether you're starting a new business or renovating an existing one. Essential equipment includes pastry displays (cold/warm), fridges, espresso machines, coffee grinders, water softeners, glass washers, driers, ice cube machines, and ice crushers.
  • We take pride in offering stainless steel equipment, ensuring a uniform aesthetic appearance, hygiene, and durability. Plus, we offer flexibility in selecting the equipment layout that best fits your shop, whether it's a coffee trailer, cart, containerized shop, brick-and-mortar establishment, restaurant, or bakery.

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