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Learn about Grab-and-Go Foodservice Concept

In today’s fast-paced world, an increasing number of quick-service restaurant concepts continue to add or expand their grab-and-go offerings to attract a greater share of time-starved customers.

When looking at grab-and-go as part of an overall strategy, owners Investors must be certain that this offering has a specific intention and is not just an afterthought. Due to its convenient nature, the Grab-and-go concept offers a good return on investment as a profit center. Investors’ should consider how much square footage to give to this business and consider queuing, traffic flow, and packaging. Due to different location needs, one grab and go concept size might not fit across hence the need for customization as the business continues to grow.

Grab-and-go in fast-casual restaurants whose business is not predominately grab-and-go literally and hence it takes many forms. Grab and go may feature add-on servings, such as at a deli in supermarkets or, grab-and-go maybe its own branded area with food choices that may include different types of treats. Many quick-service restaurants integrate the grab-and-go concept into locations such as airports, railways, malls, supermarkets, petrol stations healthcare facilities, and heavily trafficked areas.

Grab and Go Concept Digest

  • Grab-and-go adds on will be beneficial when it is integrated well and not as an afterthought. Grab and go should be branded to have its own identity, must be visible, and be incorporated into the back of house operations.
  • Grab-and-go is all about convenience- Food products must be easily accessible.
  • Positioning is very important- Customers don’t enjoy queuing for very long.
  • The resolution on how many grab-and-go products to offer in a particular location depends on unit size and traffic.
  • Grab and go food must never seem old. The quality of grab-and-go products must always be fresh and have an additional value such as healthy elements.
  • Food display must always be neat and appealing, there shouldn’t be any empty displays hence the need for constant replenishing.
  • Product price must not be ambiguous, always have price tags displayed. Customers have little or less time to wonder about the price of beef burgers and soda for example.
  • In grab-and-go offerings, packaging plays a significant role in attracting customers. Packaging must be as clear to enable customers to see the freshness of the ingredients and the quality of products they are purchasing.
  • Every product in a grab-and-go display case should have a name and branded signage.
  • High-intensity Consumer traffic Relies on Design.

With the right mindset, restaurants can retrofit to include grab-and-go display cases at the front where customers passing by can easily grab an item as they go by their business. The gab and go business model shouldn’t be limited to a few products but should be review from time to time hence helping the business remain trendy and profitable.

Grab-and-go equipment includes refrigerated and warm display cases. Whether you choose freestanding or table to display cases and merchandisers, you must ensure food stays at the right temperatures.

At Visiontec, we strive to create innovative grab and go concepts and products that will motivate consumers – and propel businesses ahead of industry trends.

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